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          LESSON DROP IN

          I am sure many of you will have attended Meden School yourself and all of you will have a memory of what lessons were like when you were at school.

          Meden School invites you to watch our teachers in action, get a sense of what the day is like for your children, experience lessons and see how much things have changed since you have left education.

          If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, please contact us using the form below.

          ​Youth in action

          In partnership with Ecologic, Vibrant Warsop, and the town council, Meden school is running a host of regular community projects which will see many of our students involved in contributing to local organisations. Some of the projects are detailed below, if you see our students out and about, please say hello!

          Environmental project:

          Every Tuesday afternoon, our students hit the footpaths and rural spaces in the area to carry out environmental work, learn about wildlife and make our countryside attractive again.

          Residential care home visits

          These take place throughout the year. Visits from our KS4 Health and Social Care cohort and other volunteers see our students play an important role in caring for the elderly and vulnerable in our community.

          Community Clean up:

          Volunteers from Vibrant Warsop lead a team of hardy Meden students into town each week to clean up our community for a brighter future!

          Community business enterprise:

          Meden school is running a business enterprise experience for students who wish to develop their business skills to benefit their local area.


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